• Hot from the stockpot

    • Cream of Asparagus Soup

      Cream of asparagus soup with pumpernickel crisp

    • Kaspressknödelsuppe

      Homemade Kaspressknödel (cheese dumpling) in beef soup with fresh herbs

    • Soup with Stripes of Pancake

      Homemade pancakes in beef soup with fresh herbs

    • Starters & Salads

    • Asparagus Strawberry Bowl

      Grilled asparagus tips served with fresh strawberries and feta cheese on salad bouquet

    • Beef tartar from pasture cattle

      Beef Tartar of Salzburg Almrind, served in a bed of ruccola with quail egg, served with roasted toast broth and sea salt butter

    • Soft-shell crab

      Baked soft shell crab on a salad bouquet with sweet and sour sauce

    • Traditional Austrian Meals

    • Asparagus Cordon Bleu

      Duet of white and green asparagus cordon bleu, baked golden brown with ham and cheese, served with parsley potatoes and homemade tartar sauce

    • Cordon Bleu from the Alps Straw Pork

      Cordon bleu of straw-fed pork baked in clarified butter, served with parsley potatoes (or French fries) and cranberries

    • Old Viennese onion roast beef

      Old Viennese onion roast beef from the Salzburg Weiderind, tenderly steamed, served with hand-scraped dumplings and a tasty onion nest

    • Saltimbocca of Organic Chicken

      Saltimbocca of organic chicken with prosciutto, served with fettuccine and vegetables on a shallot sauce

    • Wienerschnitzel from straw pig

      Escalope from straw pork, with potatoes (or french fries) and cranberries, served with mixed salad

    • Steaks & Burgers

    • Steak from Black Angus (200g)

      Fillet of Black Angus beef (200g), served with mashed potatoes, red wine shallots, vegetables and fried onions

    • Fish from the Water

    • Grilled Black Tiger Prawns

      Grilled black tiger prawns, served with asparagus risotto, parmesan, grilled tomatoes and rocket salad

    • Grilled Salmon Trout Fillet

      Grilled salmon trout fillet, served with asparagus risotto, vegetables and lemon-lime foam

    • Fresh & Veggiee

    • Asparagus Gnocchi

      Finest asparagus gnocchi with grilled tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, served with cream sauce

    • Ravioli Potpourri

      Ravioli potpourri with three types of ravioli filled with porcini mushrooms, pumpkin and truffles, served with creamy parmesan sauce, lamb's lettuce and walnuts

    • Salads

    • Colourful Salad With Grilled Turkey Meat

      Tender grilled turkey meat on colorful salad, served with dressing anch Art of the house

    • Small Mixed Salad

      Small mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumber and parika

    • Desserts

    • Chocolate nut tartlet

      Chocolate nut tartlet with maronie ice cream and caramelized nuts

    • Tiramisu

      Homemade Tiramisu with fresh fruits